Casement Windows

Your windows are one of the most important choices you make regarding your home or business. At Mirage Windows, we understand how important of an investment this decision is.

That’s why we offer the highest-grade vinyl windows in multiple different styles, sizes, and colours.

See the world outside through the windows of your dreams.

Contact us to further discuss what window options best meet your residential or commercial needs.

Casement Vinyl Windows

Casement Residential Vinyl Windows


Modern 4 ½"

Luxury 4 ½"

Colours (Interior/Exterior)

...and dozens of more to choose from in our showroom!


Please refer to this size chart to see what size combinations are possible.


Choose between our two types of glass.

Solarban® 60
With its ability to block 62% of total solar energy while allowing 70% of visible light to pass through, Solarban® 60 glass can help you achieve year-round comfort with heating and cooling cost savings.

Sungate® 400
Sungate® 400 glass is a passive low e-glass designed specifically for use in heating-dominated climates. Sungate® 400 aids in retaining solar and furnace heat to help reduce winter heating costs. In addition to offering excellent insulating performance, Sungate® 400 glass has an exceptionally clear aesthetic.


Energy Standard Ratings (View PDF)

Grille Configuration


Configurations are available in contour, flat, square, or simulated divided lite (SDL) grilles. Ask us more!

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Proven Performance
Tests on our extrusion are conducted by an independent laboratory certified by the Canadian Standards Association. They test for airtightness, water penetration resistance, overloads caused by wind resistance, and break-in resistance.

Technology & Innovation
To ensure highly sealed and best performing windows, our seals are fused onto the window profiles during the extrusion process. This helps to increase the hermeticity of the window and subsequently improves the resistance to extreme cold.