Your doors are one of the most important choices you make regarding your home or business. At Mirage Windows, we understand how important of an investment this decision is.

That’s why we offer the highest-grade entry and patio doors in different styles, sizes, and colours.

See the world outside through the entry or patio doors of your dreams.

Contact us to further discuss what door options best meet your residential or commercial needs.

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What We Stand For

Our products are manufactured by the most experienced industry specialists, who have dedicated a lifetime to perfecting their craft.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing our signature 4½” vinyl windows that are engineered to stand the test of time. Our products over-exceed the NFRC guidelines, embodying a sense of quality and sustainability through-out our product lines. Mirage understands quality best.

At Mirage, we are homeowners ourselves and we understand how important windows are in complementing our interiors and exteriors.

We are committed to providing our customers eye-catching products that will not only save you money, but will have you feeling fulfilled with your selection. Ask us how your windows, doors, and railings can be customized to best reflect your style.

Our products are engineered to last. With multi-chamber, triple sealed windows, not only will your neighbours be jealous, your electricity providers will be confused too!

Our products are ENERGY STAR® certified, which diminish energy consumption in your home, cause less condensation in cold weather, decrease exterior noise levels and best of all - increase your savings.

Ask us about our various glass options.